Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sponge Cheese Cake........:)

Salam...just arrived from Permatang Pauh Penang!..Im so excited today sebab leh jumpa my schoolmate yg dah lama sgt tak penah jumpa.Fizah.And plus i happy sgt dapat tgk her new born baby boy!Adam Harith!He is so handsome:)...adoi..hehehe...and actually pun my tiring day gak!first class for this semester!..bored!:)...managed to bake sponge cheese cake for fizah..and sila layan my picture:)...
                       Jeng jeng jeng..haha..hope u like it zah!:)

                  And for this picture i saja bagi x-large and bagi nmpak how i slice the strawberry:)..hehehe...

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