Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Repeat order...Butter Cake...plus Sponge Cheese Cake..

Balik ja dari masak kat kedai just now..i received panggilan from my customer request nk butter cake ngn sponge cheese cake ..total 10 loaf..alhamdulillah..langsung i terus bake.Then lepas dah cool down a bit i make cream cheese frosting for my sponge cheese cake..:)..alhamdulillah sempat la siap before i nk gi nega:)...i never ever tought yg my hobby dalam baking will give me so much profit..my skill in baking makin hari makin teruji:)...now i can bake any cakes..InsyaAllah...May Allah swt give me more opportunity to improve my skills:)..

 My sponge cheese cake!:)
 Butter cake...sprinkled with some almond nibs:)...

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