Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bounjor...french toast

Pagi morning i dah breakfast ala-ala david beckham..muhahah...french toast..just simple breakfast..hailam bread..then kat center i spread peanut butter..then dip both layer dalam egg and cream mixture..kalau takder cream u all leh je letak nutella ke ,jem ke..but makesure put a very thin layer benda tu ok..taknak manis sgt..coz later kita nk drizzle ngn pancake syrup and a small dice of butter...then telan..hehehe....ok layan gambar

second pic butter dah start cair..i just fry over pan dengan sket minyak je..coz kita nak letak butter on taknak oily sgt..simple recipe..yet devine..:)later i upload gambar catering i k...

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